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Anticipate a euphoric and relaxing aura that does deter physical activity, but unleashes the mind, offering a spacey, creative tint to everyday hobbies. 


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Strawberry OG is more than just a flavorful strain that is often confused with its similarly named brethren, OG Strawberry. It is a product of labor-intensive care and creativity. It brings together all of the ups of a sativa and the mellow vibes of  indica in a neat package. It’s a cross of Bruce Banner’s OG Kush and SFV OG. The creators give the world a well-balanced hybrid that you’ll surely fall head over heels for.

Beyond being intensely strawberry flavored, this strain offers a whopping 18% to 23% THC level. Though the buds are sweet and kushy to the taste and overwhelmingly berry in aroma, don’t let the fruitiness have you believe this isn’t a hard-hitting strain. These little green and light yellow nugs pack heat and will have you feeling incredibly euphoric, albeit a little bit dazed, after just a couple of hits.

The Strawberry OG high is loved amongst artists and musicians for its ability to energize the mind without getting your heart rate going too fast. Although it is a sativa-dominant strain, the indica body high is in full effect throughout the long lasting high. This is a flower that will get your juices flowing and will require little to no effort on your part. Ideal? Some might say so. It is a pretty punchy bud, coming in strong and fast with a rush of tingles straight to the head. As the high builds it moves into your joints, freeing up any tension and allowing for full-on relaxation in the body. Though you’ll start to feel quite heavy, many report experiencing their best creative breakthroughs while enjoying Strawberry OG.

Buy Strawberry OG Online




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